Resurrection Baptist Church

144 Elm Street, Montpelier, VT, (802) 223-6538

We’re glad you are here. RBC has been a part of the Montpelier community since 1972. You are invited to our loving church which is focused on the importance of God’s Word. So whether you are a resident or a visitor of Montpelier please check us out. You’ll feel welcome here!

Resurrection Church Worship Schedule

Sunday              9:45 am, Bible Study
Sunday           11:00 am, Morning Worship        

The church gathers in-house for Bible study at 9:45 and worship at 11:00, following state guidelines for meeting together.  Please join us. All are welcome.

Wednesday    7:00 pm, Prayer Meeting, using the Zoom platform.   Call the David Book @ 802-223-5625 for Meeting ID and Password.

We Welcome Pastor Peter “Chap” Taraski, Nelia and Daughter Genesis to RBC

Rev. Peter Taraski is a native of New Jersey and as most recently pastored in Sweet Home, OR. He says he is “nobody special, just a man who loves the Lord.” He has training in mental health/suicide prevention, alcohol and drug recovery, and post-deployment readjustment. Nelia has experience in teaching children and a heart for ladies’ Bible studies. In addition to Genesis, the Taraskis have two adult sons who reside in Oregon. “Chap” will begin his ministry in Montpelier on October 1.

Magnify the King, Multiply the Kingdom